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Edmonton Launches Energy Rebate Program

The Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator (BERA) rebate program is offering up to $125,000 per building, per year, for commercial and institutional buildings.

June 15, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada

The City of Edmonton has launched new environmental rebate programs and tools for residents and businesses, including commercial building energy efficiency upgrades and electric vehicle charging stations.

The new rebate programs went into effect immediately and include the Building Energy Retrofit Accelerator (BERA) rebate program, offering up to $125,000 per building, per year, for commercial and institutional buildings.

BERA includes upgrades to HVAC systems, windows, lighting fixtures, building envelopes and more. Eligible buildings must be larger than 10,000 sq. ft., located within city limits and have equipment installed from a list of eligible products.

The Electric Vehicle Charger and Electric Bike (ECEB) rebate program will allow commercial property owners interested in installing a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charging station in their property to apply for a rebate that will cover 50% of the installed cost of the charger, to a maximum of $2,000 per charger (up to five per company).


The City’s programs also include residential solar rebates. In partnership with Google and MyHeat, Edmonton will be the first municipality in Canada to access a new rooftop solar potential platform. This new tool provides a bird’s eye view of every rooftop and helps homeowners understand their solar potential and the environmental and financial benefits they can expect. Residents ready to go solar are eligible for the Solar Rebate Program to save up to $4,000 towards the installation of a solar electric system for their home.

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