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Lutron and Cree Lighting collaborate to expand connected lighting solutions

The relationship expands to include indoor and outdoor lighting options.

April 1, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada

Cree ZR series

Lutron Electronics, provider of smart, scalable lighting control solutions, and Cree Lighting, known for its LED lighting solutions, are teaming up to introduce new connected lighting products to the market: Cree Lighting indoor and outdoor fixtures offered with Lutron wired and wireless digital fixture control technologies.

Lutron controls are being included in a number of Cree Lighting products:

  • Cree Lighting’s architectural Stylus Linear Series will be enabled with Lutron Vive wireless integral fixture control. In addition to digital fixture addressability for enhanced connectivity options, EcoSystem delivers smooth and consistent dimming across all zones and fixtures, and immunity to poor power quality and line noise.
  • Limelight, Lutron’s wireless lighting control solution for outdoor facilities, is being added to Cree Lighting’s  IG Series fixtures with WaveMax Technology for lighting in parking garages.
  • Cree Lighting’s ZR Series LED troffers will be available with both Lutron EcoSystem wired digital LED drivers, and Vive wireless integral fixture controls, providing all the Lutron EcoSystem and Vive benefits with the better lighting quality and value offered by the Cree Lighting ZR Series products.
  • Cree Lighting’s specifier grade KR Series downlights and CR Series troffers already offer Lutron EcoSystem technology options.


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