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Universal expands Everline family with Class 2 UNV, 347V drivers

April 27, 2015 - Universal Lighting Technologies has launched two new Class 2 UNV and 347V Everline LED driver families (compact and linear) with tunable constant power output.

April 27, 2015
By Renée Francoeur

“The tunable constant power output of our latest Everline compact drivers allows us to provide customers with greater flexibility for applications for a wide variety of modules,” said Greg Bennorth, LED product manager for Universal Lighting. “Thanks to their multi-exit lead terminal configuration, our compact drivers are ideal for downlight and specialty applications requiring compact style driver housing. Our linear drivers, with their 1-inch-high, low profile housing, are perfect for use in general lighting applications.”

Universal said its tunable constant power output allows the driver’s current to be tuned down while increasing the output voltage up to a maximum of 56V, “enabling output power capacity to remain constant over a wide range.” This permits the drivers to offer “load regulation with low total harmonic distortion (THD) and a high power factor (PF), down to 40% of the maximum output of power loading,” Universal explained. Both new drivers also incorporate dimming with 0-10V control.

The new linear drivers are available in 700mA and 1050mA current with a maximum output of 30W, 1050mA and 1500mA current with a maximum output of 55W and 2100mA current with a maximum output of 80W.

The new compact drivers are available in 700mA and 1050mA current with a maximum output of 30W as well as1050mA and 1500mA current with a maximum output of 55W. The drivers in this family additionally feature the multi-exit lead terminal, allowing for both side-exit and bottom-exit configurations. Bottom exit configurations are available with studs for J-Box mounting.


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