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WECC distributed lighting control system

World Energy Control Corporation (WECC) says its distributed lighting control system (DLCS) significantly reduces energy consumption and can save up to 75% or more on lighting energy costs. The system can work with standard 0-10V dimming ballasts and lamps (GE, OSI, Philips) to offer real-time control of lighting, providing significant reduction in energy usage, more control, ease-of-use and a shorter payback period, says the company. Comprised of a virtual lighting control panel (laptop, desktop or smartphone); a VBC100 controller (which can control from one to three fixtures depending on lighting task); a virtual dimmer; WECC-TALK communication network; a sensor interface module; and photo cells, motion detectors and optional dimmers as needed, the company says the DLCS is the only system to provide true aggregate control by controlling each light fixture, room, floor, zone and/or building using the local network.


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October 13, 2010  By  John Gilson

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