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Daikin adds vertical configuration to compact PreciseLine air handlers

October 29, 2020  By Energy Manager Canada

Daikin has added a vertical configuration to its PreciseLine air handlers, which are designed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort, while also delivering energy savings.

Built using a series of small, integrated units, PreciseLine air handlers are adaptable when faced with space and budget restrictions.

The new vertical configuration gives engineers and contractors additional application flexibility, ideal for retrofits and applications such as individual classroom conditioning.

Compliant with ASHRAE 62.1-2019 standards for high IAQ, PreciseLine air handlers include many technologies and design elements to minimize pathogens and allergens. The system can be equipped with up to MERV 13 filters, which capture particles as small as .3 to 1 micron, such as legionella and spores. Its double-wall panel construction also keeps conditioned air in the cabinet until it’s delivered to the intended space, reducing the potential for contact with contaminants.

Direct-drive fan technology eliminates the possibility of rubber particles from entering the airstream as well, a common occurrence with belt-driven fans. Plus, an easy-to-clean cabinet and stainless-steel drain pan mitigate the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Other features of the air handlers include:

  • R-6.5 insulation foam panels to create a thermal break between conditioned and ambient air, increasing efficiency and delivering ultra-low leakage with an AHRI Class 9 construction rating at up to 5 inches of static pressure.
  • Direct-drive, variable-speed fans that provide highly efficient airflow by eliminating energy losses associated with belt-driven fans.
  • Sound attenuation packages that reduce sound levels by 6 to 7 decibels — critical for environments that require reduced noise for tenant and building occupant comfort.

Both vertical and horizontal configurations are available, and PreciseLine can be used for cooling only, or both cooling and heating. The system is also capable of delivering high volumes of fresh outside ventilation for mixed-air applications.

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