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“Electrification of commercial buildings” – heating and cooling applications

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December 14, 2023
Toronto, Ont.

The Collective for the Advancement of Connected Buildings and the Proptech Collective are hosting a discussion on December 14, 2023, at 12:00 pm ET, called “Electrification of commercial buildings”.

With a focus on clean energy in electric heating and cooling applications for downtown buildings, organizers say the discussion will address “the compelling rationale behind electrification, and the critical question of its pivotal role in diminishing greenhouse gas emissions”.

Speakers include:

• Abid Syed, Kingsett Capital (host)
• Peter Love, Centre for Community Energy Transformation
• Mike Pathak, Toronto Hydro
• Paul Barton, BGIS
• Joe Brown, Kingsett Capital
• Lee Hodgkinson, Dream Unlimited
• Sarah Simmons, Power Advisory

As the dialogue moves toward electrification, the resilience of the grid—and the effects of electric heating on peak demand—becomes a topic of concern, especially in high-demand downtown areas, note organizers, which is why it is imperative to assess whether our current grid can support such an evolution.

“Long-term efficiency gains and considerable environmental advantages present a strong case for both electric heating and cooling solutions,” say event organizers, noting that, “the transition could necessitate upgrades in electric services for some buildings.”

Finally, real-world examples aim to provide invaluable insights. The case studies shared will shed light on the best strategies for fully electric heating and cooling in buildings, say CACB and Proptech, adding that “many prevalent misconceptions about electric heating can be debunked, clearing the path for informed decisions in this sector”.

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