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Fulham and CNS deliver WorkHorse LED/elitedali lighting control

May 13, 2016 - Fulham Co. has partnered with Control Network Solutions (CNS) to deliver a smart lighting solution based on the Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) intelligent lighting communications standard. Fulham’s new line of WorkHorse LED programmable dimming DALI drivers are designed to interoperate with CNS’s elitedali smart lighting control and management system.

May 13, 2016  By  Renée Francoeur

Combining Fulham’s programmable WorkHorse LED drivers with CNS’s elitedali management system applies an Internet of Things (IoT) approach to lighting control, Fulham explains. The combination provides control over LED fixtures, including reducing input current to adjust the lumen display, managing lights to optimize useful life, adjust lighting to ensure they dim at a constant level, and even adjusting power output to accommodate different light sources.

The Fulham/CNS smart solution for DALI controlled lighting also provides “flicker-free dimming down to 1% with real-time access to all lighting device value data”. The output current can be set in increments of 1mA, and the driver can be programmed without power, Fulham adds.

The CNS elitedali solution is based on Tridium’s Niagara software framework.


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