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GE Current introduces Daintree Controls Software for building management

July 27, 2021  By  Anthony Capkun

July 27, 2021 – GE Current (a Daintree company) introduced Daintree Controls Software (DCS): a web-based application for monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting on the energy performance of indoor, outdoor and industrial spaces.

Whether managing a single unit or a portfolio of spaces, DCS allows building managers to adjust scheduling or lighting parameters based on hours of operation, seasonality, evolving energy codes or business energy requirements. DCS provides real-time visibility into specific zones or a network of buildings, helping users identify issues as they arise.

DCS is upgradeable, and can be integrated into other building management systems to gain a centralized and holistic view of building performance. Managers can also use the software’s read/write capability to work with API programs and funnel real-time data into applications that enable location-based services, people counting, etc.


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