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HSC Winnipeg expands its wireless pneumatic thermostat system

June 21, 2017 - For both patient comfort and energy conservation, Cypress Envirosystems reports a total of 1625 wireless pneumatic thermostats (WPTs) have been installed at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, controlling 780,000 sf throughout 12 buildings, including:

June 21, 2017  By  Anthony Capkun

the General, Children’s and Rehabilitation hospitals, maintenance building, and a multi-purpose office building.

The WPT system continues to expand to other buildings from its initial installation in 2010, and is being integrated with the Honeywell EBI Energy Management System.

“We’ve been using the [WPT] system for over six years. It gives us [direct digital control]-like visibility at the room level throughout our buildings with pneumatic control, and it increases our ability to ensure patients and staff are comfortable,” said Manny Bettencourt with HSC Maintenance Services.

With an 800-bed capacity, HSC Winnipeg comprises 31 buildings on a 38-acre campus. It has an interdisciplinary team of nearly 8000 staff and volunteers who serve people in Manitoba, northwestern Ontario and Nunavut. HSC is the designated Trauma Centre for Manitoba, as well as the centre for transplants, burns, neurosciences and pediatric care.

The WPT enables remote monitoring of zone temperature and branch pressure, remote control set-points, and programmable setback or setup of the pneumatic HVAC systems. This functionality gives operators the ability to detect and diagnose faults that may cause energy waste or discomfort to occupants. It also enables integration with utility demand-response (DR) programs.


Payback for the installation is achieved in less than 1.8 years via cloud-based optimization, Cypress insists.

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