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Ontario could achieve 31 TWh of energy efficiency by 2032

April 2, 2014 - A report commissioned by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) from ICF Marbek finds that, based on the planning assumptions used, Ontario could achieve between 25 and 31 TWh of energy efficiency by 2032 through programs, and codes and standards. About half of the potential comes from the commercial sector.

April 2, 2014  By  Anthony Capkun

OPA says the report, “Achievable potential: estimated range of electricity savings from energy efficiency and energy management”, will inform the development of upcoming conservation programs.

Achievable potential is the proportion of feasible gains in energy efficiency that can realistically be achieved within the study period. This study includes details on the achievable potential in each of the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, providing market characterization research on six key end uses:

• commercial lighting
• commercial refrigeration
• commercial HVAC operations
• residential home energy management systems
• industrial pump systems
• industrial process control optimization

This study does not address price-induced conservation, nor does it assess the potential for demand-response or customer-based generation. Download the Executive Summary below.

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