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Philips Energy Advantage T5 Lamps

Philips Energy Advantage T5 HO lamps help to maximize energy savings by just changing a lamp. The new Philips Energy Advantage T5 HO 49W lamp provides a 5 watt energy savings versus the standard 54W lamps in your ceilings. This is a perfect energy saving option for hi-bay retail applications, and industrial spaces like warehouses and distribution centers that currently use T5 HO 54W lamps and are in need of a re-lamp.

Other features include significant savings over the life of the lamp, 10 per cent increase in lumens per watt, and long life for an extended relamping cycle.

The lamp operates on any existing T5 HO Programmed start ballast. It contains only 1.4mg of mercury, the lowest in the industry.

How much does 5 watts mean to you? Try out the Philips Energy Advantage T5 HO 49W Lamp Energy Savings Calculator.

April 28, 2010  By EM Staff

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