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CaGBC launches GREEN UP

Montreal — At the second annual National Green Building Summit last month, the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) introduced GREEN UP – Canada’s Building Performance Program, a national program that helps building owners, managers and operators to measure, rate and improve energy efficiency, water use and carbon emission performance of their building portfolios.

July 10, 2009  By Energy Management

GREEN UP provides owners and operators access to building performance audits, workshops and the Green Building Performance System, a national database of information on energy and water use, and carbon emission levels for specific building sectors. It also helps them set targets and uncover potential areas for cost-savings through energy and environmental performance improvements.

GREEN UP is the evolution of the CaGBC’s Green Building Performance Initiative, which began with the first phase of pilot projects that refined and brought this new program to market. The inaugural pilots involved more than 330 K-12 schools, 60 commercial properties, and 75 government and utilities buildings from across Canada, and validated and established energy efficiency, water use and carbon emission performance benchmarks for those building sectors.

The findings measured and rated the energy efficiency, water use and greenhouse gas emissions of the participating buildings and provided insight into possible reasons for efficiency and emission gaps between higher and lower performing buildings within each participating building sector.  

The second phase of the pilot projects – involving university/college campuses, non-food retail and arenas will be launched this summer and run for 12 to 15 months. The data supplied from these buildings will be added to the Green Building Performance System database. Further pilots will occur over the next two years, until all building sectors have participated and their data are included in the GREEN UP database.


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